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HMD Vietnam Digital Technology Joint Stock Company  was established on March 21, 2019. HMD stands for Human Mind Discovery – Exploring Human Thoughts in the Digital Age and is also the abbreviation of the three founding advisors of the company.


eriod 2019-2020: Focusing on investing in research into AI core technologies to develop products for the following fields: Medical (AI Medical Assistant); Education (Digital Transformation Training online); Safety and security (AI Smart Warning) and support for disadvantaged people in society (Inlab)

Period 2021-2023: Focusing on investing in business activities of the company’s products and services; Building HMD to become one of the TOP enterprises in Vietnam in the field of research, technology transfer cooperation and investment in the development of key technology products/solutions/services of the revolution. Industry 4.0.

Some achievements and awards achieved:

AI Smart Warning won the first prize for Potential Digital Products 2020 at the VIETNAM DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY PRODUCT AWARDS – MAKE IN VIETNAM. The “Make in Vietnam Digital Technology Product” award is implemented under the Prime Minister’s directive on promoting the development of Vietnamese digital technology enterprises. This is a national award, held for the first time to honor digital technology products designed and created by Vietnamese people and Vietnamese enterprises in Vietnam.
AI Smart Warning product (HMD owns 50%) won the award in the category “Typical products, services and digital solutions” at VietNam Digital Awards 2020.
Inlab Joint Stock Company (HMD invests and owns 50% of shares) won the award in the category “Narrowing the digital gap” at VietNam Digital Awards 2020.
HMD accompanies and cooperates with the Vietnam Institute of Software Industry and Digital Content under the Ministry of Information and Communications, the Vietnam Association of the Blind and its partners to train more than 200 visually impaired people and connect data labeling jobs. for the visually impaired workforce to work in order to contribute to creating new jobs 4.0 for disadvantaged people in the society to participate in the digital economy.

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